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"Fantastic. Wow! Ishavilas!
We had such magical moments, so special and majestic.
Robert Campbell

"The best place to land in Goa, to stay and to start a perfect holiday. We were well looked after. it is hard to leave."
Lucy Lynn

"Hey! This is one of the most wonderful places we have visited. May we come back again in one peace and in peace. Home away from home, it has been a privilege to stay here surrounded by peace and looked after by such an charming crew. We will be back, God willing."
The Hashims
Ahmed Gopali Zaynadeen Tuta

"What an amazing place Ishavilas is! The garden - or rather the jungle! the house has an incredible atmosphere, blending the whole of Asia in a beautiful way. Congratulations to the bajaj clan!"

"To find magic on this Earth, which fathoms the cosmos through its own geometry, design and rhythm is good karma! And one knows how much Karma goes behind it. Felicitations and more strength."
Gratefully, Aman

"Coming to Ishavilas was totally a new "experience" of Goa! This place has a uniue energy that you flow into as you absorb the beautiful surroundings and the enormous amount of detail - Love the energy. Love the space - Hope to come back and enjoy this lovely experience of our charming host."
Shyam & Pooja

"We had a great time here. The place is beautiful! You guys did a wonderful job! The house is full of interesting details and the staff is very helpful!"
Claussua & Don Anderson

"We had the best holiday, thank you to everyone. The place is amazing and everything met our expectations. I really enjoyed the massage.
Love from all the Australians!"
Leesha, Craig, Jade, Devon, Sam, Tash

"It's been grand - thanks for all the laughs, we will surely be back. thank you for taking such good care of us."
Much Love

"Thank you very much for everything! I really loved breakfast, it was so delicious! They are the best omlette I have ever tasted. Thank you very much for looking after me when I sometimes I was in a jumble. I really had fun, thank you."
Love from

"To all the team at Ishavilas
Thank you so much for a wonderful week here. The house is beautiful and the staff have taken such good care of us, with delicious food and the very popular iced coffees!
Many thanks and our best wishes to all of you."
Robyn+Marion Pyle, Late Pyle + Stuart Duckett
Heather Coutts + Nicholas Bollons

"It has been my immense privilege and joy to rest here at Ishavilas. My time has been relaxing and rejuvenating. The tranquility of your home and hospitality of your wonderful staff has been a 'gift' I will treasure always."
- Michelle, WHO Delhi, India

‘A unique place in every way, a place where energy and calmness, creativity and peace, art and nature blend together in a marvellous way. A place where every day is blessed by a gentle smile, a delicate touch, a personalized service truly loved staying here and I cannot wait to comeback soon! What a wonderful Goan experience! Thanks so much.’
‘How can I not add a few more words about the wellness at Ishavilas. A daily massage at the start of the day was absolutely superb: I loved the (oil and seed) massage, the intense back massages really sorted me out! I really felt looked after and cared for in a unique way…a special thanks.’
- Federica, Forte Village Resort Sardinia , Italy

‘What a fantastic job you have done in creating a magical place to spend time in!! We spent an entire day here with kids by the pool…. Did not know when the day went. The staff is really sweet and helpful! Congratulations! Much love.’
- Shabnam and Ambrish Arora, New Delhi

‘We have had the best holiday. Thank you to everyone- the place is amazing and everything met our expectations. I really enjoyed the massage we shared. We will be back to visit again. Love from all the Australians.’
- Losha, Baig, Jade,Delon, Sam, & Trish